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  1. Games must start on time.  If your team is late, opponent gets 1 cup advantage, 1 minute late - 3 cups, 2 minutes late is a forfeit.

  2. Game Start: Table end is decided by one game of rock-paper-scissors.  Winner chooses side. Loser takes 1 shot.  Thereafter each team gets 2 shots.

  3. The ball in play may be grabbed or swatted after it has already made contact with a cup, but not while the ball is in the cup. You may not grab or swat before the ball has hit a cup except in the case of bounce shots, as permitted by the rules herein.

  4. In the event of player interference prior to the ball making contact with a cup, (i.e., premature grabulation), a one-cup penalty will be imposed for the interference. The shooter who had his or her shot interfered with may choose the cup to be removed.

  5. Balls may not be interfered with while inside of a cup, i.e., no fingering.

  6. Players are allowed to shoot via bounce.

    • If a bounce shot is made, that cup will count for 2 cups.

    • The defensive team shall choose the second cup that is removed from the game.

    • Bounce shots may be swatted after the ball has made contact with the table at least once. Players may also catch bounce shots instead of swatting.

    • Any cups knocked over in an attempt to swat a bounce will count as made cups and will be pulled from the game.

  7. Cups must be reformed at 6, 3, and 1 cups remaining according to the diagram below:


  8. In general, if both players on a team sink his/her shot on the same turn, that team will get one (1) additional rollback shot, not two. The only exception to this rule is during redemption.

  9. Either teammate may take the rollback shot. Neither teammate may take more than 1 consecutive rollback shots. Once a rollback shot has been taken by one player (makes or misses) the next rollback shot must be taken by the other partner.

  10. Leaning shall be PERMITTED with the following considerations:

    • Under no circumstances may a player shoot with any part of his or her body on (against is permitted) the table.

      A player may not place a hand/foot/leg/penis/whatever on the table in order to gain additional reach and/or leverage. Against is only permitted if a player’s shot is NOT MOVING THE TABLE from its originally set position. If any part of a player’s body is causing the table to move during their shot from the tables originally set position, the shot will be forfeited. (It will not count if it goes in.)

      A table TOP is permitted to rock gently from light leg contact during a shot. The feet of the table need to move from the tables originally set position for a violation to occur. Of course, if you have a beer gut that must rest on the table because there's nothing else you can do with it; the "beer gut on the table" exception will apply.

  11. A player's hand may not touch the table after a shot is released.

    A player may not bounce or touch the ball to the table after their foot has left the ground. If a player releases a shot with such leverage or touches the table in any manner throughout the motion of their shot and/or after their shot is released, that shot will be forfeited. (It will not count if it goes in.)

  12. A player must start his/her shot with both feet on the ground.

  13. A player may not balance or lift his/her back foot whatsoever prior to being in full, forward-throwing motion of his/her shot.

    There may be no pauses, breaks, or extended hesitations within a player’s shooting motion once their back foot has left the ground. A pause, break, or extended hesitation can be determined by a “1 count.” If a player releases a shot while violating this rule, that shot will be forfeited. (It will not count if it goes in.)

  14. Players may not edge themselves around the table when they shoot.

  15. Players may not move cups out of position in order to gain a leaning advantage. If the cups move as a result of contact with the body while shooting, the cups must be returned to their original spot before the next shot, whether it be by the opposing team or same team. Any cup knocked over as the result of excessive leaning will count as a hit shot.

  16. Overt distractions and blocking are not allowed

  17. Ball interference is a one cup penalty

  18. Redemption (a.k.a., Rebuttal)

    • As soon as the last cup is hit, the opposing team has the opportunity to try and bring the game into Overtime. There are two different general scenarios for how to determine redemption rules: There are two or more cups remaining, or there is only one cup remaining on the side of the team that has hit last cup.

    • If there are two or more cups remaining, "Unlimited 1-ball Redemption" is given. Either player may take the first shot, and the ball is rolled back until a player misses. As soon as a miss occurs, the game is over. Shooter alternates each time.

  19. A dispute is not considered to be valid unless witnessed by two or more individuals. In the event of a valid dispute, that game is considered paused and an official must be notified. Any witnesses to the event in question must remain at the table until the dispute has been resolved. All calls made by the referee are final. Intentional abuse of game rules and/or disputation without adequate cause is grounds for ejection from the tournament.

  20. Each team has a 45 second shot clock.  Intentional stalling is not allowed.  Repeated time violation will be one cup.

  21. Need a pee break.  Tough luck, you play a man down.  1 player, 1 shot.

  22. Final interpretation of these rules is made at the sole discretion of the tournament organizer and may be amended as necessary to promote the goal of efficiently running the tournament.

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