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Atlanta Hockey Foundation COVID Relief Fund


C19 has impacted the country, the world, but most importantly, us! Our town, our families, our community.  And if there were ever a time of collective need, a time for the Foundation to fulfill its mission, now would be that time. As such, the Foundation has established a $20,000 COVID relief Fund.

Based on an application and need basis, the Foundation, and the Puck COVID! review committee, will award any qualified applicant up to $500.00 maximum. 


  • You can apply for yourself or on the behalf of a teammate.

  • Named beneficiary needs to be an active player as of March 15, 2020 to qualify.

  • Applications are to be C19 related.  Loss of job, lay-offs, furloughs, education costs, healthcare, remote services, and family care will all be considered.

  • Applications will require 3 references. A minimum of two references need to be active AAHL members.


  • Not all applications will receive benefits.

  • Benefit awards are sole discretion of the Foundation.

  • Foundation is not obligated to provide any benefits or award total funds available.

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